540 West Madison Security Officers are available 24 hours a day.  In the event of an emergency, security can be reached at 312-374-2828.  In the event of an emergency where 9-1-1 is called, please then call our Security Personnel at 312-374-2828 to alert security that an emergency call has been placed.


Visitor Access
All visitors must be registered with 540 West Madison Security via the visitor registration system, Building Hub.  Visitors must present photo identification at the Mezzanine Security Desk. The security staff will verify the visitor’s ID, confirm the individual is properly registered, and print a visitor badge. An email confirmation will be sent to the tenant who registered the guest in the Visitor Registration System informing them that the guest has arrived.
If the visitor does not have a government issued photo ID, the security staff will call the tenant who registered the guest for access authorization, which will include the tenant verifying in person approval to provide access.


Property Removal Passes
To remove business property items from the building, a pass must be approved and presented to Security personnel when departing the building.


Vendor/Contractor Access
Should a vendor or contractor need to perform work in your suite during non-business hours, provide written notification to the Management Office that states the name(s) of the individual(s) and/or company, date and approximate time they will be on site, and confirmation that the Certificate of Insurance is on file with the building.